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A penny a pound to ensure the future of coffee

At ICT, we are committed to the success of coffee producers—not just today, but for the long term. We are proud to partner with World Coffee Research, a global collaborative nonprofit research organization working to ensure the future of coffee in the face of threats like climate change. We invite coffee roasters everywhere to join us in supporting WCR through the WCR Checkoff Program.

Coffee Is At Risk. Help Us Adapt
Coffees To Climate Change.

world coffee research
World Coffee Research1


  • The world’s largest network of farmer field trials—250 in 10 countries today, growing to over 1,000 in 20 countries over the next 5 years—providing unprecedented data on which varieties and climate-smart farming practices are most profitable for farmers
  • The world’s first global sensory study of coffee varieties, conducted collaboratively with the Specialty Coffee Association, UC Davis Coffee Center, and 12 coffee-producing countries.
  • Active field research sites in 22 countries; 30+ research programs involving 92 partners
  • Two global breeding hubs serving East Africa and Central America, supporting the creation of the next generation of exceptional, climate-resilient varieties for the 21st century


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The diversity of coffee origins and coffee quality are seriously threatened by the mounting challenges faced by coffee producers. WCR’s advanced and applied research in coffee genetics and agronomy create new varieties, agronomic approaches, and market opportunities for farmers to become more resilient and profitable, especially in the face of significant threats like climate change.

The knowledge and resources generated by World Coffee Research flow downstream for the benefit of every coffee producer in the world. Very few sustainability investments have the potential for the scale of that ripple effect.

wcr research
World Coffee Research2


When you join the WCR Checkoff Program, you contribute pennies per pound (the rate is up to you) toward WCR’s ambitious research agenda. ICT collects your contribution with each invoice, and matches it—doubling the impact of your dollars—before passing it on to WCR.

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