What Is the Difference Between Black and Green Coffee Beans?

Did you know that 83% of American adults drink coffee? However, not everyone drinks the same kind of coffee.

If you closely follow coffee trends, you might hear about green coffee beans. Don’t fret if it all sounds unfamiliar. We’re here to help you differentiate them from traditional black coffee. We’ve laid out below their differences, benefits, and more!

Read on and find out everything you need:

What Is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is coffee in which the beans have never been roasted, meaning they remain completely raw. They usually come as an extract, gaining popularity as a dietary supplement. But you can also buy the whole beans and use them to make a warm drink like their roasted counterparts.

Take note, drinking a mug of green coffee won’t be the same as the roasted coffee you’re accustomed with. When it comes to taste, it has a milder flavor. The disparity with the mildness is such that some people think of it like herbal tea instead of coffee.

Also, its chemical profile boasts subtle differences compared to roasted coffee despite their similar origins. It has an abundance of chlorogenic acids. These are compounds rife with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, giving lots of health benefits.

What Is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is coffee from roasted coffee beans. The roasting process exudes the aroma and flavor locked within green coffee beans. It also brings about chemical changes since it rapidly brings the beans to high temperatures.

At its peak of perfection, the roasters cool them to halt the process. With this, black coffee smells like the usual coffee people know and love. They also weigh less since the roasting process dries out the remaining moisture within.

When bitten, the beans are crunchy. This ensures that they’re ready for grounding and brewing. The only drawback is that you must use roasted coffee as soon as possible because the freshness can disappear fast.

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What Is the Difference Between Black Coffee and Green Coffee Beans?

Most people drink roasted beans, making the idea of green coffee seem strange and novel. But the good news is that both come from the same source. The only difference is the methods used for processing.

Black coffee beans went through the roasting process while green ones never did. To simplify, green coffee is the raw counterpart of black coffee. As said before, green coffee beans are fresher, meaning they retain more chemicals that improve both physical and mental health.

Also, the roasting degree of coffee beans makes different tastes, textures, and colors. For example, lighter roasts are more likely to have more caffeine and acidic. As for dark roasts, they’re oilier, smokier, and lighter on caffeine.

Without the roasting process, the coffee beans aren’t as bitter. The green coffee extract has some of the most attractive aromas and flavors because of this. After all, it’s closer to the natural state of coffee.

Benefits of Green Coffee

With the differences defined, you’ll see that green coffee is healthier compared to its black counterpart. That’s why if you plan to start drinking a hot mug of this beverage, you must know its health benefits. Here are some:

1. Helps With Weight Loss

This is one of the most popular benefits of green coffee. The reason behind this effect is because of its chlorogenic acid content. This chemical burns both glucose and stored body fat while reducing carbohydrate absorption.

With this, you can expect lower blood sugar and insulin spikes and improve cholesterol levels. Aside from this, the caffeine within green coffee boosts your metabolism by 3-11%. This contributes to a healthier body weight.

Take note, caffeine is one of the things that make coffee an effective weight loss supplement. It’s such that people drinking caffeinated coffee increased their metabolism by 16% compared to those who only drank decaf.

2. Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

Green coffee extract, as said before, has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a great drink to induce positive blood sugar levels. It also reduces the accumulation of fat and resistance to insulin.

Some studies show that drinking green coffee reduces the absorption of glucose in overweight people. With these effects, you’ll have a lower risk of developing type two diabetes.

3. Slows the Aging Process

This benefit is possible because of its antioxidant properties and its high chlorogenic acid content. The latter plays a big part in reducing the redness because of too much sunlight exposure. Caffeine will reduce photodamage and wrinkle formation, meaning your skin stays smoother and you’re unlikely to get crow’s feet.

This makes skin care companies include green coffee extract in their products. If you prefer to enjoy it as a drink, you’re welcome to do so. The best part is that it has less caffeine than black coffee, meaning you’re unlikely to exceed the optimal level for healthy consumption.

4. Prevents and Manages Diseases

Green coffee aids in fighting against free radicals within your body. Free radicals are harmful since they contribute to the development of cancer and other diseases. With the chlorogenic acid, you’re unlikely to develop cancer because its antioxidants prevent the growth of at least four types of cancer cells.

5. Improves Energy Levels

Caffeine affects your psychomotor and cognitive performance significantly. It also improves your psychological well-being by stabilizing blood pressure. With green coffee extract, your athletic performance gets better.

Other studies say that drinking green coffee makes you more alert, motivated, and attentive. It improves your reaction times, allowing you to respond to situations faster. If you drink this beverage every morning, you can get more things done at work.

Drink a Good Cup of Coffee Today!

These are the differences between black and green coffee beans. Use this guide to see which type of bean works better for your situation.

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