Your Guide to the Coffee Bean: Types and Varieties

Americans love their coffee. In the United States, more than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed each day. As a coffee retailer, it’s important that you give your customers the best possible product. Most coffee producers offer more than one blend so that their customers can make a choice based …

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Sip on Sumatra: 7 Reasons You Need to Buy Sumatra Coffee Beans Today

What if every morning could be more exciting and energetic than ever before? It may sound like an impossible dream. But that dream becomes a reality with Sumatra coffee. However, many people don’t know about the magic of these coffee beans. That’s why we often “settle” for lower quality coffee. …

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Try Costa Rica Coffee Today

There’s a lot of debate among coffee drinkers about which coffee is the best. Much like with wine, different varieties of beans and different growing regions can have a huge impact on the final flavor of your morning cup of joe. But if you want one of the finest coffee …

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A Coffee Addict’s Guide to Peruvian Coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast at all, chances are you’ve heard of Peruvian coffee. It’s one of the most popular coffee growing regions in the world, producing a unique fruity flavor. But did you know that Peruvian coffee culture dates back to the eighteenth century? From the time coffee first …

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Get to Know Your Cup of Joe: 7 Facts About Arabica Coffee Beans

For many of us, every morning starts off with the best beverage in the world: coffee. Coffee makes our mornings much easier, boosts our afternoons, and may even have kick-started the Enlightenment. And one of the most popular varieties of coffee is Arabica. Arabica coffee creates a rich, smooth, dark blend …

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Light Roast Coffee

See the Light: Your Essential Guide to Preparing Light Roast Coffee

According to statistics, light roasted coffee is gaining popularity, with over 35% of Americans reporting that they prefer light roasted coffee. Another 19% responded that they prefer light roasted coffee over any other kind. In sharp contrast to the general consensus of coffee, most people have preferred dark roasts and …

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Hot coffee in a coffeepot

Learn the Lingo: 9 Pieces of Coffee Terminology You Need to Know

In the United States, there are more than 377,000 coffee businesses, and Canada boasts an additional 5,000+ businesses country-wide. Are you interested in breaking into the coffee industry? Do you want to run your own coffee shop or start a roaster/retailer business? Whatever your specific goals are, if you’re going …

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