How to Choose a Wholesale Coffee Supplier

We’ve talked before about picking the best beans for your roasting shop. Now we’re going to talk about the most important factors when choosing a wholesale coffee supplier. Choosing a Wholesale Coffee Supplier Ask Many Questions When it comes to choosing a wholesale coffee supplier, you’ll want to vet them as much as possible before you decide to work with them. A great way to begin this research is by asking them about they standards pertaining to quality, logistics, communication and client satisfaction. Visiting their website, reading reviews, getting references from current and former clients should also be a part of the research. You can cross-reference their answers with your research and ask any pertinent follow-up questions. Here are some valuable questions you can ask… How many years have you been in business? The length of time a supplier has been around can reveal a lot about how they run their business. The longer they’ve …

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hawaiian coffee

Say Aloha to Great Coffee: Why Serious Roasters Are Choosing Hawaiian Coffee Beans

In 1866, famous novelist Mark Twain stated that Kona Coffee was the richest in flavor of any coffee he had ever tasted.  The coffee industry is now worth more than $100 billion globally. So the richness of Hawaiian Isles coffee must be quite something! That’s why many serious roasters use Hawaiian Coffee beans over other types of coffee.  But why? If you’re thinking of using Kona coffee in your roasts then you’ll want to know why it is one of the best out there.  Well, you’re in the right place! Read on to find out more about why the best Hawaiin coffee is becoming the best coffee in the world.  Hawaiian Coffee Has Ancient Origins  These ancient origins create a path for truly excellent coffee. Coffee arrived in Hawaii in 1810 in the belongings of American Missionaries. They didn’t know then that they were bringing it to one of the best growing lands in the world. The …

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colombian coffee

Colombian Coffee Buzz: What’s So Great About Colombian Coffee?

Piquant, nippy, leguminous, and alliaceous. These are only some of the ways in which the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) prefers you describe coffee.  Since 1982 coffee culture permeated the popular realm. Single origin pour-overs, cold brew, vacuum pot coffee. All now prevalent in mass consciousness. So, why is it that the most popular coffee on the market remains Colombian when there are so many single-origin beans and blends out there? Is there a secret to why Colombian coffee is so incredible? Let’s take a look. The Geography Makes the Coffee Anyone who never ventured away from their stale Folgers blend may not even realize coffee is a natural product. That it is, in fact, a fruit plant and what you brew is the seed.  This plant called the Coffea originated in Southern Africa and Asia. Humans transplanted it to other regions where it flourished.  The best soil for coffee growth is volcanic. This …

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wholesale coffee beans

Coffee Bean Selection Guide: How to Choose the Right Wholesale Coffee Beans for Your Coffee Shop

When you’re in the early stages of planning a new coffee shop, you know right away that you want everything to be the best it can for your customers. The very first thing that should be in your mind is crafting that perfect cup of coffee. And the perfect cup of coffee starts with the perfect wholesale coffee beans. Buying coffee beans might seem like a straightforward process, but there’s a lot that goes into selecting the beans that are right for your business. To make sure that you bring your customers the best coffee from around the world, keep reading. We’re going to go over what makes the perfect cup of coffee and how you can make that perfect cup a reality for your customers. Why Whole Beans? The first lesson you’ll need to learn as the owner of a coffee shop is that you always buy whole beans, never ground. While there are …

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A Look Inside the Coffee Cherry

If I asked you what the most gripping addiction in the country was, what would your first guess be? Surely it’s something you’ve heard about it in the news lately, right? Shockingly, the answer is caffeine: America’s most popular drug. Over 85% percent of adults consume caffeine every day and a large portion of that consumption is in the form of coffee. Coffee’s stimulating effects on our brain are a form of addiction. Anyone who’s ever had a crippling headache from caffeine withdrawal can attest to this. Knowing more about this natural marvel will make you truly appreciate your next cup of joe that much more. So, let’s take a deeper dive inside the coffee cherry to understand what’s going on and the journey it takes to your kitchen counter. The Coffee Plant Let’s start at the beginning. There’s a pretty good chance that the average coffee-lover would have a hard time describing what a …

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coffee industry

The Coffee Industry Is Changing: Here’s What Your Business Needs to Know

Given that 64% of Americans are drinking coffee every single day, it’s important to know how this vast growth in the industry is changing the business. If you’re in the coffee world and not prepared for how the coffee industry is changing, you’re going to be blindsided by the things to come. You need to be prepared for changing demographics, changes in flavor, and how it’s grown if you want to attract new audiences. Here are five things to look out for in the coffee world. 1. Drinkers Are Getting Younger Where coffee was once a tired and stale industry with can after can of freeze-dried and overcooked beans, the industry is changing fast. With more scientific studies showing the health benefits of drinking coffee and more cafes bringing the flavor out of beans, more people are enjoying coffee. With better roasting techniques, shorter times sitting on the shelf, and more cups made by hand, people …

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Due To Coffee Price Drop, The FNC Board Of Directors Makes An Urgent Call To The National Government And The Global Coffee Industry

Faced with the recent drop of the international coffee price in the ICE Futures Exchange below 1 USD/lb, the board of directors of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) calls on the national government and insists that the global industry adopt urgent measures in favor of Colombian coffee growers and the 25 million producing families that live off the bean around the world. The Board of directors requested the National Government to work immediately with the Federation to find structural solutions to the difficult situation of coffee growers of Colombia which directly impacts the national economy and the social conditions of more than 500 thousand coffee families and more than 3.5 million Colombians whose livelihood depends on coffee. The coffee growers expressed their concern about the low prices that they are receiving, especially when 45% of the national harvest is collected in the first half of the year. The members of the …

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