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    • Deadlines for order release: 11 AM Pacific Time. ICT suggests that you plan your purchases as far in advance as possible to minimize the impact of unforeseen delays.
    • Shipping: ICT offers discounted rates by pallet to most destinations. As a service to our valued clients, ICT will happily arrange shipping on your behalf. Please note that the purchaser is solely responsible for any and all shipping, freight and/or delivery charges related to the transport of coffee from ICT’s warehouses to your location. The final invoiced amount is subject to adjustment pending receipt of charges from the shipping company – this includes any and all charges and fees over and above the estimated shipping cost on your invoice. ICT will process said charges when they become due.Shippers will levy additional charges for all services above and beyond basic drop-off of goods, such as inside delivery, load-outs, or usage of a lift gate. In order to minimize the levying of unexpected charges from the carrier, any and all service requests should be clearly communicated to your trader at the time of order placement.”
    • Inspections:
      1. Please be diligent in inspecting all deliveries for accuracy and condition before the driver leaves your facility.
      2. Please make certain to note any damages on your delivery documents. This is required for the processing of any claims
      3. Once the delivery order and invoice are issued, you own the coffee. ICT has no legal responsibility for the coffee once the documents are issued.
      4. Once documents are issued, the invoice amount is due in full even if there are damages or discrepancies due to shipping.
      5. All claims relating to missing or damaged goods must be filed with the shipping company. ICT is not responsible for any loss or damages. We are always available to assist you in filing a claim.

      For a walk-through of the claims process, please visit our FAQ Page.

ICT’s FLO ID#: 21581

*Please note that after the delivery order and invoice is issued, the buyer is titled to the coffee and assumes all liabilities attached to ownership. ICT Coffee has no legal claim or responsibility for the goods.

Roaster Guide to the FSVP: Foreign Supplier Verification Program

GCA Contract Glossary:

  1. EX-WH/EXWH/EWH/EDK/EXDOCK(Exchange ownership at warehouse dock)

    Definition: The coffee changes ownership at the warehouse or upon transfer of ownership at a shared warehouse.

  2. FOB – Free On Board

    Definition: Risk and ownership is transferred at the ship rail point.

  3. FOT – Free On Truck

    Definition: Sellers price includes warehouse in-loading and out-loading charges but not transport from the warehouse to the buyer.

  4. C&F/CFR/CIF – Cost and Freight and Cost, Freight and Insurance

    Definition: Freight is paid for by the seller to the point specified above. Risk is transferred at that point. CIF: the seller also paid for insurance and that is included in the price. All generally related to FOB purchases.

  5. SAS – Sale on Approved Sample or Subject to Approved Sample

    Definition: An order is placed for the specified coffee and both parties create a binding contract to purchase it, however it is based on the buyer’s approval of the sample.


    Definition:On average the seller takes a random sample from about 10% of the bags, blends them and creates one large sample.

  2. PSS – Pre Shipment Sample

    Definition:A representative sample taken from after milling is complete and the coffee is ready to ship. A randomly chosen sample from 10% of the bags, blended and then sent to the buyer to grade, roast and cup and approve.

  3. AS -Arrival Sample

    Definition:The coffee has arrived at its final warehouse location in the country of consumption.


    Definition:When applied to SAS coffees, specifies whether the buyer is agreeing to replace the coffee with another equal value coffee or not.