Global Specialty Importers Of Wholesale Green Coffee Beans.

Passionately Traveling To Remote Regions Of The World To Assess And Acquire The Best Coffee Beans Available.

If you’re a discerning coffee roaster seeking the finest green coffee beans wholesale expedited from around the world, ICT is the preeminent specialty importer of the best wholesale green coffee beans on the market. We travel to remote regions of the globe to assess and acquire the highest quality beans, so you can be assured your unique roasting creates exceptional aromas, flavors, and qualities your patrons will look forward to, time and time again. We put passion into every bag and as specialty coffee importers that means that we study and connect with producers to sample their coffees every new crop season and oversee their process at seed-level. We build lasting relationships that are entrenched in an implicit understanding of ICT’s high product expectations. Join our family, upgrade to ICT and smell the green.

This Month's

Please Join Our Effort To Raise $50,000!

ICT is teaming up with our origin partner San Vicente, to help raise money for the San Jose de Oriente coffee
community. Hurricane Eta and Iota hit in November 2020, devastating homes, coffee farms, infrastructure, and
livelihoods. There are a total of 44 houses and 184 persons that are needing to re-locate. The economy is driven by
agriculture, with coffee accounting for 70%. After the hurricanes hit, the estimated coffee losses for this crop are
around 50-60%. Our goal is to raise a total of $50,000 to help aid and rebuild this community. For the next month,
we will be donating $1 for every bag sold. In addition, we also created a GoFundMe for those who want to help in other ways. Whether you buy
a bag or donate through our GoFundMe, every dollar counts, and we
are grateful for your support and generosity.

**All monies raised will be allocated to specific projects. There will be a signed contract between ICT/San Vicente and San Jose de Oriente specifying how the funds will be used. There will also be a mid-term and final report of the projects and monies spent**

Not Just Coffee, Your Coffee.

Sourced And Expedited From Around The World.

Our values are deeply rooted – respecting the bean, respecting the farmer, respecting the customer. That’s why we’re committed to visiting, studying and connecting with producers from around the world. We do this not only to experience their crops and techniques at the seed level, but also to forge relationships that are rooted in an implicit understanding of ICT product expectations.

Carefully Hand Picked Coffee

Specialty Coffees

Beautiful Region Of Honduras

Proud Family And Their Crop

The Roaster’s
Ultimate Resource

We exist to serve and supply roasters with the highest quality beans from around the world. Our reputation has been built by how we serve and supply roasters throughout Canada and the United States. We like to think we are a roaster’s best friend. If we can inspect, sample, judge and critique beans, farms, and mills against our high standards, and only buy the best with consistency, then we feel we are helping roasters and coffee shops attract and retain a loyal following. Isn’t that what it is all about? In fact, we are not only suppliers of specialty green beans, but we are also educators, advisors, and friends to roasters who rely on us for their most valuable business resource. Before we accept a batch for shipment, we have multiple experts on our team to judge and grade the quality and consistency of the beans to see if they agree upon taste, body, and overall profile so that we get it right for you. Our team has the most discriminating roasters when it comes to quality, and we never ever compromise.

  • Predictively On time
  • Superior Logistics
  • Enduring Relationships
  • Exceptional Beans
  • Unmatched Support


Why We Care About Farms

We love our industry just like we love our coffee. For all of us in the industry, farmers, mills, vendors, traders, roasters, coffee shop owners, and everyone in between, we do it for passion. But we also recognize that our precious resource is the farms. Without them, the industry would collapse. It is becoming increasingly difficult for farms to make a profit, especially the larger farms. They face uphill battles with governments, weather, workers, disease, and the changing demands of importers and consumers like us. The large family-owned coffee plantations of the past are a dying breed. Family farms are not passed down to their children like they used to be, and sometimes they have to sell the land for other uses, divest, or compromise just to cope. We want to call more attention to this and help educate and support these farms so they may produce the quality required to command the prices they need to survive. Follow us on social media or visit our farm visits page to get updates on our journeys to different coffee farms around the world.

Central America


Latest Farm Visit:
Production Perspective In Brazil

Brazilian crop estimates range from 54 million bags to 60 million bags. Brazilian crop reports, stock reports, currency reports and weather reports are dominating the coffee market, where most origins and commercial coffees are in the midst of a deep price recession, “The coffee crisis.” This trip report covers a very quick 4-day trip with […]

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  • Great service and terrific specialty coffee...
    "Thanks for always providing such great service and terrific specialty coffee. We really like the futures number being so visible and the harvest months for each regional coffee are also very helpful in planning our future orders. Always a pleasure to work with your team and can’t imagine ordering our coffee anywhere else! Thanks, again!"
    David Leyton, David's Roasting
  • Such a pleasure to work with!...
    "Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. is always such a pleasure to work with! Thanks for your great service!"
    Bill Szep, Business Owner
  • Friendly & informative...
    "ICT is a great company to work with. I am a small roaster and they treat me like a big guy. Folks are friendly and informative. Orders are always placed and shipped right away. I love you guys for great product now great new website. Keep up the great work. Thank you for serving customers of all sizes."
    Shankar Ramakrishnan, Shiva Coffee Roasters
  • They go the extra mile to get the job done for us!...
    "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa Colon and ICT for the past years. They are attentive to detail and quality! Anything we want or need to know about the coffees we buy from them, they help us with. They go the extra mile to get the job done for us! Their quality has been excellent! Thanks for the great Service!"
    Dave Stewart, Vista Clara Coffee
  • Outstanding Service from the entire team...
    "Just a quick note to let you and everyone involved know that your service is outstanding. I know in this world of complain, complain, complain we sometimes forget to let you know when you do it right.....And that's exactly what everyone at ICT does. Our orders and shipments are always handled quickly and accurately and we aprreciate this! "
    Stephen M. Owens, Carolina Coffee Company

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