How Do I File a Claim With a Shipping Company?

If you should need to file a claim, the procedure will be roughly as follows:

  1. Inspect and Note Any Visible Losses Inspect and note any losses before you sign the delivery receipt. Mark on the Bill of Lading and delivery receipt that there are damages and have it signed by the driver to be submitted with the claim. Do not refuse the shipment unless the damage has rendered your freight worthless.
  2. Preserve Packaging, Damaged Goods and Prevent Further Loss If you discover damage after accepting the shipment, stop unpacking the shipment and retain all packaging. Take steps to reduce further loss of the goods. Do not discard damaged goods, packaging and container seals until the surveyor has investigated the loss.
  3. Complete the Claim Form Make sure to completely fill out the claim form (see here for an example) from the selected carrier. Be thorough: errors or omissions in completing the claim form can often lead to a rejection of the claim. Contact your carrier’s office if you need help obtaining the necessary claim form.
  4. Prepare Photo Documentation Photographic evidence is crucial to verify your claim, and may be required for processing.

Does ICT offer advice and assistance to roasters?

ICT has many resources available to help you get started – please visit our “Resources” page for more information. We also have experienced master roasters on staff – reach out to us at info@ictcoffee.com or call us at for more information.

How are my prices set?

Coffee prices are established against the New York “C” Market. This is the commodities exchange where coffee futures are bought and sold. Like other commodities coffee fluctuates in price due to many factors such as weather, political turmoil, supply and demand. Brokers sell against the replacement cost of coffee bought and sold, thus coffee prices rise and fall in-line with this market. Most of our coffees carry differentials – they are priced higher or lower than the “C” Market. Differentials are based on factors such as quality, availability and demand. A coffee of exceptional quality and limited supply will always sell at a higher price than the “C” market.

When are coffees harvested? When are they available?

Factors such as weather can impact harvest dates significantly. For a general reference, please see ICT’s coffee calendar here.

If I place an order, when will my order be shipped?

If you place your order before the warehouse deadlines (see Logistics) then your order will be shipped out the next day.

What is the purchase minimum?

We have no purchase minimums. We will sell anything from 1 bag to a full container load of coffee. We do not sell broken bags.

Does ICT handle the freight?

Yes. Our experts in Logistics are the best when it comes to arranging shipments and getting the best possible discounts nationwide.

As a service to our valued clients, ICT will happily arrange shipping on your behalf.  Please note that the purchaser is solely responsible for any and all shipping, freight and/or delivery charges related to the transport of coffee from ICT’s warehouses to your location.  The final invoiced amount is subject to adjustment pending receipt of charges from the shipping company – this includes any and all charges and fees over and above the estimated shipping cost on your invoice.  ICT will process said charges when they become due.

Shippers will levy additional charges for all services above and beyond basic drop-off of goods, such as inside delivery, load-outs, or usage of a lift gate.  In order to minimize the levying of unexpected charges from the carrier, any and all service requests should be clearly communicated to your trader at the time of order placement.

Do you accept payment terms?

If you would like credit terms, please submit a completed credit application for review. Upon response from all references we will advise you within 72 hours or less whether or not your Credit Application is approved.

What is the maximum credit card limit for payments?

We accept up to $10K. Larger amounts must be paid by wire or check.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept debit/credit cards, e-checks and/or wire payments.

How do I open up an account?

It’s simple. You can submit a new customer form online or you can reach us at 619-338-8335 and anyone from our trading team will be happy to assist you.