Papua New Guinea

  • HARVEST PERIOD: June – September
  • ARRIVAL PERIOD: December-February
  • ANNUAL COFFEE PRODUCTION: 1 – 1.3 Million Bags

Growing Regions

Western Highlands

Typically sweet, with cocoa/chocolate and spicy aromas. Tea-like body, good mouth-feel, clean, good body, lemon taste, a delicate sweet fruity and lingering finish. Because of its altitude and tropical climate, the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea produces a year-round “fly-crop” of coffee, though the primary harvest season spans from February to July. Spice and citrus tend to dominate up-front, with chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Southern Highlands

Remote and unspoiled, Southern Highlands offers coffees from extremely high elevations. The best is perfectly balanced between bright acidity and earthy, caramel notes.