• PROCESSING: Mostly washed
  • HARVEST PERIOD: December – April
  • ARRIVAL PERIOD: April-August
  • ANNUAL COFFEE PRODUCTION: 800,000 – 1 Million Bags

One of the premier coffee-producing countries in the world, with coffees primarily sold through the unique government-run auction system. Kenyan coffees are graded by size with the AA and PB (peaberry) being the most common among premium coffees. The simplicity and transparency of the Kenyan auction system tends to reward better coffees with better prices.

Kenyan coffee is among the most balanced and complex in the world, renowned for its powerful, wine-like acidity and sweet fruity notes. The best Kenyans are typically exceptionally clean, with a long finish. Citrus notes predominate in some offerings, berry in others.

Growing Regions


One of the growing regions near Mt. Kenya. Over 70% of the coffees from Kirinyaga come from smallholder farms.


In the central highland region, Nyeri boasts incredibly fertile loamy, volcanic soil.


South of Mt. Kenya, just below Nyeri. Murang’a coffee production is composed mostly of small highland farmers organized into co-ops to deliver their coffee to Kenya’s coffee auction. Deep honeyed sweetness, berry notes of Kenya’s trademark grapefruit acidity are common.


A very old coffee growing region not far from Nairobi. While there are many large commercial farms geared towards yield over quality, excellent examples of classic Kenyan coffee are sometimes found.