Buying Items in Bulk: Some Tips About Buying Coffee Beans Wholesale

Did you know that 5 pounds of green beans yield less than 1 pound of roasted beans?

This is one of the many reasons why you should consider buying green coffee beans for your business. Green coffee beans offer many benefits and can even provide your customers with a very unique cup of joe that will keep them coming back for more. 

We’re here to offer you a few tips on buying green coffee beans through wholesalers to make the process easy. We will even give you a few pointers on how to please your customers and the benefits of buying wholesale.

To see what our tips are for buying beans in bulk through wholesalers, keep reading below. 

It Will Help With Your Coffee Bean Supply and Demand

If you’re a coffee shop owner or even a business owner of a shop that serves coffee, you will need a supply to meet the demand.

The more customers you have walking through your doors, the more coffee beans you’ll need to make sure you can always give the best service.

Some shops that sell this caffeinated drink can go through pounds of beans a day to meet the demand of their orders. If this sounds like your business, then you know the importance of buying a lot of beans at once.

Buying wholesale coffee beans will help to save you time and money. You won’t be shopping for small bags of coffee every few days and you will be able to order wholesale beans in larger quantities, which means orders less often. And speaking of money. . .

You’ll Save Money

It’s a well-known fact that buying in bulk is a great way to save money, and coffee beans are no exception.

Buying your beans directly from a wholesaler will help to cut out any middlemen, which means even more money will be saved.

If you buy in bulk, you’ll be able to make a profit off of your beans, because you’ll be paying less and then selling them for the retail price. There is really no losing side when it comes to buying coffee beans in bulk and saving money.

Coffee Bean Wholesale Offers Variety

One of the best parts about buying coffee beans from wholesalers is that you’ll have a large variety of beans to choose from.

Most of the time, shops will buy beans that their customers like the most because there will be no room for losing money.

With this said, you should really look at what your wholesaler has when it comes to the popular bean that sells in your shop. You may find a new blend, single origins, roasts, or brands that are close to your popular bean. Introducing these new blends to your customers may prove to be useful and to help them discover a new cup they’ll love.

The Quality From Wholesalers Is Amazing

When buying your beans in bulk from a wholesaler, you’ll notice that the quality will be higher than buying them at a store.

When dealing with a wholesaler directly, you’ll have the opportunity to choose what bean you want and the quality of it.

When we say quality, we mean the characteristics a bean has. You’ll be able to select the acidity, aroma, flavor, and body of your bean from a number of selections. As we stated above, it’s worth looking at the different blends your wholesaler has because you may find something new or even be able to perfect your top-selling bean.

Shipping Bulk Will Help Your Environmental Impact

If you’re someone that cares strongly about lowering your company’s environmental impact, then buying in bulk from a wholesaler is one great way to lower it.

Buying in bulk helps reduce waste since your beans won’t be coming in 1-pound individual packages. Also, when you get your bulk purchase shipped, you’ll also be helping the environment by making purchases less often. This means you may be going from ordering once a week to once a month, which is fewer delivery trucks on the road and helps with emissions.

Keep Shelf Life in Mind

Buying in bulk is great and there are many benefits for you, the business, and your customers.

With this said, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when buying large quantities for great prices and you may end up with more beans then you actually needed.

This may not seem like the worst problem, but coffee beans do expire.

Whole bean coffee will last anywhere from 6 to 9 months sitting in a pantry, or anywhere from 2 to 3 years when placed in a freezer. When beans expire, their flavor profile and quality is thrown off and will decline. They will be unusable and overall a waste of money. 

If your shop has a high demand, then you should stock up.

Now You Know Some Tips About Buying Wholesale Coffee Beans 

Even though buying wholesale coffee beans may seem intimidating, there are many benefits you can get from doing so.

We have discussed with you that buying wholesale beans can be great for your business, customers, and yourself as well.

From being more economically friendly, saving you money, and having enough supply for your coffee demand, you now know the top tips when it comes to buying bulk beans. We have even provided you with the most important tip of keeping shelf life in mind when placing your orders.

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