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Coffee Is Not Just A Lifestyle... It's Our Life.

11 years ago we opened our doors and set out to elevate our industry. We sprouted from passion and grew rapidly because of the trust of many people who we’ll always remember and love and be thankful for. Part journey, part whirlwind, the last 11 years has seen 100% effort, 24-hr dedication, hundreds of meaningful relationships, uncountable tears (both of joy and concern), and lots and lots of laughter along the way. This year we’ll be celebrating our decade of success, as well as all those who helped make ICT both a force and a family in the world of coffee trading. An endless thanks to everyone!

It All Started As A Big Dream And A Huge Passion For Coffee.

It all started as a big dream and a huge passion for coffee, and millions of tons later we have become a world authority on the world’s finest coffees. We try to brew the best relationships and the most smiles per cup. With a wealth of experience from across the coffee industry, our talented team is ready to help you succeed. We’re roasters, Q Graders, logistics professionals, entrepreneurs, and traders – we understand the challenges facing your business, and it’s our mission to make your green coffee purchasing experience as efficient and rewarding as possible.

What we all have in common is a passion for exceptional coffee and for building deep and lasting relationships with our customers and our suppliers. As a pioneer in microfinancing for farmers, we never stop trying to deliver a fairer cup – and we’re very proud to be a charter member of Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge Committee. We are also committed to ensuring the long-term future of coffee through our partnership with World Coffee Research.

We Mean Business.
More Repeat Business.
More Delicious Business.

Our values are deeply rooted – respecting the bean, respecting the farmer, respecting the customer. That’s why we’re committed to visiting, studying and connecting with producers from around the world. We do this not only to experience their crops and techniques at the seed level but also to forge relationships that are rooted in an implicit understanding of ICT product expectations.

The value we deliver doesn’t end with product quality. ICT is just as committed to delivering exceptional quality in the service that supports your product investments as we are in the coffees we deliver. Exceptional customer support is an integral part of your ICT customer experience. When buying our coffee you can feel confident that comprehensive customer support is on board from the very first moment we begin our relationship with you.

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  • Great service and terrific specialty coffee...
    "Thanks for always providing such great service and terrific specialty coffee. We really like the futures number being so visible and the harvest months for each regional coffee are also very helpful in planning our future orders. Always a pleasure to work with your team and can’t imagine ordering our coffee anywhere else! Thanks, again!"
    David Leyton, David's Roasting
  • Such a pleasure to work with!...
    "Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. is always such a pleasure to work with! Thanks for your great service!"
    Bill Szep, Business Owner
  • Friendly & informative...
    "ICT is a great company to work with. I am a small roaster and they treat me like a big guy. Folks are friendly and informative. Orders are always placed and shipped right away. I love you guys for great product now great new website. Keep up the great work. Thank you for serving customers of all sizes."
    Shankar Ramakrishnan, Shiva Coffee Roasters
  • They go the extra mile to get the job done for us!...
    "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa Colon and ICT for the past years. They are attentive to detail and quality! Anything we want or need to know about the coffees we buy from them, they help us with. They go the extra mile to get the job done for us! Their quality has been excellent! Thanks for the great Service!"
    Dave Stewart, Vista Clara Coffee
  • Outstanding Service from the entire team...
    "Just a quick note to let you and everyone involved know that your service is outstanding. I know in this world of complain, complain, complain we sometimes forget to let you know when you do it right.....And that's exactly what everyone at ICT does. Our orders and shipments are always handled quickly and accurately and we aprreciate this! "
    Stephen M. Owens, Carolina Coffee Company